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Developed in Brazil, the Cadiveu Professional
brand uses natural ingredients and innovative
green technologies so you can get the hair you
have always wanted. Whether you have fine, short
hair or long frizzy curls or anything in between,
Cadiveu Professional has the right product
for you.


Cadiveu Professional differentiates itself by developing high-performance hair treatment technologies. For this, we form partnerships with universities and laboratories in Brazil and other countries to develop innovative solutions for today's well-informed consumer.

One example is the creation of the first treatment with Sugarcane Cysteine,technology in order to make hair straight. The treatment was featured among the top 3 GreenBest Awards (2011). Also, Supraliss offers exclusive Cystemax technology, the only straightening product with neutral pH, free of harsh chemicals.

Socially Conscious-Cosmetics

Cadiveu Professional prides itself on using natural and sustainable ingredients associated with green technology to develop more natural and less harmful products. We are an eco-friendly company contributing to waste reduction and producing 100% recyclable packaging.

We also never test on animals.

"My passion for cosmetics is long lasting: it emerged after
the need to take care of my hair alone after a bad haircut.
Today, I feel accomplished being able to help millions of
women, with high-performance products."

-Claudia Alcantara - Founder
Researches trends and innovations in the beauty industry